When Christians are Atheists.

Did you know that historically Christians were called atheists, yes when the good men worshiped was the god called the state which was Rome. Today, as they say, what went round – has come around again, and Christians are once again atheist who will not worship the god of the state, or do we?

The idea goes like this…..

In the beginning is the State and the State created out of its own corporate mind beings that were created who were to become whatever they determined they would be, either male or female or both or some other form of gender, should they self-decide. In determining as to male, female, or both they would create out of their own mind creatures that must only be told what they were to become neither male or female. And all the State created beings bowed down to the State saying we worship you, for creating me and giving me life.

And Christians who believe fairy tales that someone called Jehovah God created them in His own image and likeness did so to make them free, and to worship Him alone. These Christians in doing so create division against the Almighty State, and must realize until they submit to the God of State they will never be free, for the State created us and we have no choice, for it came first and that which is first demands our worship. Christians in the eyes of the State are wrong they are just gullible not realizing that they are just tools for the State to be used to proclaim the fame of the State which is to be worshiped as the creator of all. They are atheists against the State because they in their own thinking claim that Jehovah God was, and there never has been a time He wasn’t, and therefore He created us and therefore expects our worship in all things.

Paul gave us this very timely reminder…”and fashion hot yourselves unto this age, but be changed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove, to know without any of man’s vain reasoning, what that and, acceptable, and perfect will of God is.”  Romans 12:2  Geneva Bible and & side notes.

What do you think?